kokedama (moss ball)

origin: japan

kokedamas are an ornamental way of displaying plants.
The plants are in a soil mix wrapped in moss and twine and can hang or sit on stands.

We make our kokedamas with a mix of plants suited for inside or outside.

After watering your kokedama you can place it on the dish rack to drain for about 20mins or until it stops dripping then place it back on its stand or hanger.


your plant will need the same care as is stated on its label. most ferns and shade plants need to be watered reguarly while succulents and cacti prefer much less watering.

To water your kokedama, submerge the whole ball in a bucket or sink full of water for 10-30mins (depending on size)

If your kokedama is hanging in a shady spot in the garden you can water them with a gentle hose.


be sure to place your kokedama where your plant will get the sunlight it needs as per its label.

you do not have to hang your kokedama, you can sit it on a stand or in a dish or tray. place stones or pebbles in the tray so the kokedama is not sitting in water all day.

kokedama look lovely in bathrooms and kitchens. or hang several under large tree to create a
kokedama forest!


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